The Tequila Series

The Tequila Series

Tequila Sunrise ~ Breaking the Rules 

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Becca Sanders hasn’t dated since her ex-fiancée dumped her the night before their wedding. In fact, she’s spent an entire year ignoring her libido quite nicely. When her three best friends challenge her to indulge in a one-night stand, Becca goes for it. But she regrets following the one-night stand rules when she can’t forget the hot sizzling night she spent with the handsome, sweet stranger.

Until the day she comes face to face with the biggest dare of her life …

Marcus Blake spent the last ten years as a New York advertising executive and is ready for a change of pace. After a memorable evening with an enchanting blonde, he awakens alone with only her first name to track her down.

Feisty best friends, an advertising executive’s dream account, and the quest for true love, all collide to fashion a sassy, roller-coaster romance. 

 Tequila Straight Up ~ Remembering the Rules

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Celeste Taylor is an up-and-coming Atlanta newscaster who’s sworn off men in order to concentrate on her career. Comfortable with her self-imposed boundaries, Celeste remembers the rules until Max Riley enters her life. The sexy, irresistible farmer from South Georgia is off limits, but Celeste is tempted to cross the line. 

When sparks fly between Celeste and Max, they soon find themselves dealing with more than a few complications. Not only does their potential commute spell geographically undesirable with a capital GU, but Max has two children and an ex-wife, and Celeste must decide whether she can forget her rules. 

Celeste has little time for anything resembling a relationship, and Max isn’t sure he’s ready for romance, especially with a woman who’s afraid of animals and kids. But does fate have other plans? If Max will give love another chance, is he the one person who can make Celeste break all her rules?

Coming soon ...

Tequila Shots ~ Making the Rules (a novella)

Tequila Margarita ~ Ignoring the Rules

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